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8th Grade Promotion/Activities

To All 8th Grade Students and their Parents/Guardians:

Participating in 8th Promotion is a significant event in a student’s life. You should be very proud of yourself and all the hard work that has brought you here. We look forward to seeing you, your family, and friends at our Promotion and Activities celebrations at the end of the year.

In order to ensure that both parents and students understand the expectations and responsibilities that go along with participating in 8th grade Promotion and Activities, please carefully read the following information and have a parent/guardian and your student sign the signature lines and return it to the school office. 

Participation in extracurricular and co-curricular activities is a privilege. In order to participate in 8th grade Promotion and Activities, students must:

  1. Adhere to all of the school’s discipline and behavioral expectations throughout the academic year. They are also expected to cooperate and follow the California Education Code.  
  2. Earn passing grades in all classes (No F’s). 
  3. Maintain consistent and regular attendance. Excessive unexcused absences, truancies, and/or tardies may exclude you from end-of-the-year activities.
  4. 8th grade students MUST address ALL DEBTS, including library fines, in order to participate in Promotion and Activities. This includes all fees related to textbooks and Chromebooks and their accessories. 
  5. Students must adhere to District Promotion Dress Code for the ceremonies.
  6. The following items are not permitted at Promotions: balloons, large bouquets of flowers, noisemakers, confetti, food, gum, umbrellas.